Popa Soare 40


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The cheapest IM mic shoved inside a violently out of tune, viciously abused 3-string guitar reverberates above waves of Casio synths and throaty lullabies that you couldn’t even tell came from a human’s larynx. Some of these tracks have been cult classics for a while, but the compilation also features a few that have never been released before or that were long thought to have disappeared. Check every inch of these tapes, you might find more.

released February 12, 2021

The Cristea Institute proudly presents a curated collection of doomed drones filled with never-ending sorrow, recorded in the depths of Dristor between 2007 and 2011. Remastered by :teletext. Graphic design by Vlad Stoica.

The Cristea Institute – Record label based in Bucharest and London. We’re really into tapes nowadays and we hope to sell you some earworms on themTapeworms? Nah, you safe. Just don’t send us any of your demos unless you happen to be in the drug game, in which case there’s a good chance that we’ll be signing you no matter how devoid of musical skills you are. 

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