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Calling the shots from beneath her Versace satin sheets, BARONESS is back for the holiday season with her scintillating book BARONESS by Sarah Baker and a VERY new guest editor, DONATELLA VERSACE.

The second instalment of BARONESS visits the world of romantic novels with a photographic storybook penned and visualised by the performance artist Sarah Baker.

Following the lives of five outrageous characters as they navigate tumultuous affairs, the story begins when American music mogul An­gelina Marina, played by Baker, receives an unwanted holiday gift, inadvertently opening a sordid, seasonal tale of tangled lives and treachery. Everything is at stake—Angelina’s freedom, the loyalty of her daughter, her friendship with The Baroness, and—worst of all—the royalties from her hit single, ‘Spritz Me with Your Love’.

Powerful women in popular culture are often depicted as ‘bitches,’ using everything at their disposal to get their way. Baker, however, subverts this tired narrative and creates a story in which the central female characters work collaboratively to deal with blackmail and deceit.

There are no cat fights here.

With a blockbuster cast, BARONESS by Sarah Baker stars supermodel Helena Christensen as The Baroness, as well as Simonas Pham, Jonathan Saxby and Meghan Roche.

BARONESS also introduces the Art Director Stephen Male who has collaborated with Baker to present this new work in book form, inspired by the graphics and layouts of romantic novels. The book also presents Allegra V. Beck as special guest Fashion Director and a handwritten foreword by Donatella Versace.

A riotous whirl of Versace style, rosé champagne, scandalous associations and the sexiest men in town, BARONESS is back with her biggest and boldest issue yet. But be careful when admiring your own reflection…someone may be plotting behind your back!


Sarah Baker is a multimedia artist and entrepreneur whose body of work spans performance, photography, film, theatre, and scent. Born in San Francisco, Baker spent her early years in Buffalo, New York before completing her BFA at The San Francisco Art Institute followed by her MFA at London’s Goldsmiths College. Baker’s provocative artworks explore the mystique of luxury products, celebrity and fashion, often casting herself as various archetypes from romantic novels, soap operas or celebrity culture. Her work has been exhibited internationally including at The Victoria & Albert Museum, London; The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Gent; Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, New York. Baker is the recipient of grants from Arts Council England, The Andy Warhol Foundation, and The National Endowment for the Arts.

152 pages, 28.5 × 22 cm, Hardcover

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