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Dwelling is more than just having a functional roof over your head. At the CIAM Congress in 1953, a group of young architects produced a Charter of Habitat calling for a radical shift away from the dogma of functionalism and universalism: informal building, dwelling as a social practice, architecture as a mode of design that generates community. 

The term “habitat” constitutes a pooling of the post-war modernist debates on recalibrating architecture and urban planning. It embodies a holistic view of housing, human beings, and the environment. With this in mind, Bauhaus # 12 focuses on “Habitat” from both a historical and a contemporary perspective, because housing and the climate crisis are the very issues that challenge our global community today.

190 pages, numerous black-white and colour illustrations, perfect bound softcover

Width: 21 cm, Length: 29.7 cm, English


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