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Calea București is a road that always leads to Bucharest.

“It’s the experience of the relationship with the immediate, in which the public space alternates with the intimate; the general plan, the panorama, with the detail, and the zoom movement. It’s a process populated by people, caught in motion or looking into the lense, and not like a souvenir album, with static landscapes, chosen from the most beautiful, with monuments and statues. We miss out on the historic buildings but we find the state television tower on Calea Dorobantilor, recorded in daylight and at night as a beacon, a nodal point, a mandatory landmark of the promised freedom and hopes that we now suspect were naive.” (Călin Stegerean, “Calea Bucureștilor “)

Riso printed in Bucharest, 160 pages, 19 x1 4 cm Softcover

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