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Cookbooks come in all shapes and sizes, but none have embraced a movie theme quite like this series.

Across three volumes, ‘Cooking with Scorsese and Others’ offers an homage to food in film by showing memorable scenes in sequences of screenshots. From films where food is the central theme, such as ‘Julie & Julia’ (2009), ‘Tortilla Soup’, ‘Babette’s Feast’ (1987), and ‘Tampopo’ (1985), to ones in which it plays a supporting role, like ‘The Scent of Green Papaya’ (1993), ‘Eat Drink Man Woman’ (1994), and ‘Goodfellas’ (1990), dozens of classic, cult, and perhaps under-appreciated or forgotten films can be experienced again in this gastronomic celebration of cinema.

158 pages, 11 x 21 cm, paperback, English

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