Popa Tatu 20, Bucharest

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Disegno #27 includes:

Fluid Memories, Static Monuments
A headless Columbus in Boston
Dana Francisco Miranda

The Future of Fairs
What is design without its industry meet-ups?
Peter Smisek

The Revolution Will Not Be Branded
Social struggle, commodified
Francesca Sobande

That Good Sound
Football’s artificial crowds
Natalie Kane

Useful for Some; Fateful for Others
The issue with obligatory calorie counts
Georgia Bronte

On Behalf of the Invisible End-User
An inequitable e-scooter rollout
Destiny Thomas

On Censorship
Dissecting Section 230
Rianna Walcott

Once More, With Empathy
Curating as a form of care
Georgina Johnson, Mariana Pestana, and Sumitra Upham

Situating Blackness
A discussion with Where are the Black Designers?
Mitzi Okou, Kaia Charles, Natsai Audrey Chieza, Dian Holton, and Jess Kilubukila

A Fashion System of One’s Own
Bethany Williams’s social manufacturing
Ligaya Salazar and Bethany Williams

The Power of the Poster
A Polish revival in divided times
Zosia Swidlicka

Dead Stock, Live Stock
How to upcycle on a massive scale
Reet Aus and Alexander Taylor

Redesigning Globalisation
Reflections on a system in crisis
Charlie Koolhaas and Theodore Zeldin

A More Plastic Design
Translating a much misinterpreted material
Seetal Solanki and Kajsa Willner

Don’t Make it Permanent, Don’t Make it Beautiful
Finding the way through Covid-era transit networks
Tim Fendley, Kate Jeffery, Sarah Manning, and Jada Stevens

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