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Five countries. Seven cities.”Drifting East – A journeyman’s travelogue” is the documentation of a journey through Southeast Europe. Inspired by an old ongoing craftsman tradition, the”Journeyman Years”, I offered my expertise as a graphic designer outside of my usual environment. In the period from 16 September to 20 December 2018, it came to various collaborations with artists and cultural workers in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania. Pursuant to the tradition of the “Journeyman”, I received accommodation, a job and an authentic insight into the working and living conditions of young independent art institutions, artists and cultural workers in Southeast Europe.

In addition to the graphic works, a broad documentation of the places, peo ple and their work was created. The book documents in chronological order the journey from each country with location descriptions, interviews and field reports.
By presenting the local independent arts scene through this personal yet practical perspective, it’s also a one-of-a-kind guide book for anybody taking a cultural interest in the Balkans region.

Paul Voggenreiter is a German graphic designer and researcher based in Europe. His clients scope ranges from the fields of art and culture to small businesses and individuals. He focusses on digital and printed matter, developing books and publications, visual identities, websites, moving images and motion design. In addition to his commissioned work, he occasionally initiates cross-national cooperation projects.

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