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In the fourth issue of Dune Journal, Value has proved a topic able to expand its boundaries, prompting a series of reflections that can challenge convictions and definitions. Multiplying the routes of exploration: the relations between different cultures, shifting paradigms of design and the concepts of authenticity and invention. Reflections that are intertwined with the consequences of the crisis caused by the pandemic and that do not need answers but attention. Fashion, design and visual culture have retained their central position but in open and constant dialogue with other languages and other forms of expression.

On cover: Yana Davydova, Gosha Rubchinskiy show in Yekaterinburg at Yeltsin Center, 2018. Courtesy and © Yana Davydova.

Contents Index:

• The Lure of the Fake by Petre Mogoș and Laura Naum (Kajet Journal)
• Philippine Copycats: In Praise of the Reproduction by Bianca Weeko Martin
• The Value of the Archetype. Monuments in the Uncertain Future of Coastal Citiesby Francesca Dal Cin, Beatriz Freitas Gordinho, Cristiana Valente Monteiro
• Feral Intervention. A series of images exploring domesticated, wild, and feral states of being by Muslin Brothers
• Mediated Identities: Values of Fashion in Digital Culture by Maria Claudia Coppola and Margherita Tufarelli
• Xeroxed: Wearable Pages, Readable Garments by Alia Mascia
• Histories Are Complicated. An Attempt to Trace the Multifaceted Lives of Fashion Ephemera by Lisa Andreani with Marco Pecorari and RareBooksParis
• Surplus Aesthetics by Jessica Caroline Holburn
• What’s With the Gimmick? by Aude Fellay
• Exercises of Confabulation: Toward a Re-appropriation of Life Value by Sonia D’Alto
• Good Measures. A meditative reflection score and research, exercising fashion practice in times of elastic time by Muslin Brothers

Bilingual publication: English, Italian, 160 pp.

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