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Fourteen Poems is a quarterly celebration of the best new queer poetry from across the world. Each issue we select 14 of the most exciting queer poems, shining a light on the varied and diverse experiences across the LGBT+ spectrum.

We want to make poetry accessible to all, keeping it short and sweet so you can dip in and out as you feel. Take these poems on your commute, train journey or anywhere within your day to day life. If you need a break from endless social media scrolling in your coffee break, we want to help!

Our poets come from across the globe, writing about race, gender, sex and love. All with a queer sensibility.

New poems from Max Wallis, Dena Igusti, Rowena Knight, Dom Schwab, Jonah Henry, Jonah Pontzer, Kyron Rizzo, Lotte Thomson-Vock, Alyssa Romera Kibiloski, Tamara Nett, Peter Scalpello, Slam The Poet, Carissa Cancel, Jahan Khajavi.

21 × 15 cm, Softcover

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