Popa Tatu 20, Bucharest

45.00 lei

Digital culture, the climate crisis and the Corona pandemic have changed the way we live as well as the way we perceive each other as individuals and as a community. How will we travel, love, eat, learn, raise the next generation, prepare for the future, let alone communicate with each other? How can there be progress when everything seems to be standing still?

Sometimes, the future can’t be imagined in the present. We have to look at the past, refresh our take on it, our perception, find the new in the old, and then, from there, take a leap of faith forward.

This issue of Fräulein wants to explore what kind of past ways of living and thinking have re-emerged in our times. We want to understand if there is a revolutionary potential that comes from tradition, long-gone culture and practice in art, music, fashion, economy or society.

Is the urban allotment garden, now in the hands of ex-pats, hipsters and young families,  the communal fantasy of tomorrow? Will we find a way of teaching our kids in a more informal and open-minded way by looking at utopian schools like the Bauhaus and its predecessors? Is the family, however it may be understood, the only functioning social system that will care for our old in a rapidly ageing society? Do we need to tell each other stories again to overcome individualistic isolation and create a new narrative for a collective way of life? Is the latter, the collective vs. the individual, the only mode to address the complexity of our times?