Popa Soare 40


The question ‘Who Am I?’ Is no longer reserved for the existentialists. It is something we all ask ourselves, time and time again. And perhaps we should.

We may now find ourselves burdened with the unbelievable breadth of possibilities and potentials in this new world, filled with so many distractions and so few limitations. We are entitled to whatever we want and we can become whoever we want to be. In this issue we explore what it is to be yourself in an age where you can be everything. What is self-fulfilment? How do we relate to others? Do we even want to? How do we find our place in the world? How do we make a better future for our collective world without first coming to the point that we are fulfilled in our own little one?

From psychoanalysis to tarot readings, face filters to face fillers, this is the Age of Ich and the Drive for the I.

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