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GAY TIMES Magazine is going to be the place where you will find insight and discussion on the issues and challenges that face LGBTQ+ people in the the UK and across the world. That will never change. But we also want it to be a place where queer people can be uplifted, inspired and have a moment of escapism. We have so much to celebrate within our diverse and vibrant community, and we want these pages to be filled with some of that joy too.

Since the release of his stunning debut album Pony last year, we have been obsessed with Orville Peck. We of course had him for an all-pink Amplify by GAY TIMES digital cover last summer, but his career has sky-rocketed since then so we thought it was time for his GAY TIMES Magazine debut. As our cover shot suggests, everyone wants a piece of the enigmatic country star. We got to speak to Orville about his whirlwind success over the past 18 months following the release of his new EP, Show Pony. We also checked in with Shania Twain (as you do) to find out why she’s such a huge fan and how she found working with Orville on their new track, Legends Never Die.

Elsewhere in the issue we have Drag Race favourites Gigi Goode and Heidi N Closet, the cast and director of Wonder Woman 1984 (Gal Gadot, Kristen Wiig, Chirs Pine, Pedro Pascal and Patty Jenkins), trans model Jari Jones, author Mohsin Zaidi, rising music stars Gia Ford and Walt Disco, internet star Brendan Jordan, Legendary winners House of Balmain, and plenty of new-season fashion from Moncler, Richard Quinn, Dior, Gucci, Lanvin, and more. We also have a powerful photo essay of Pride in lockdown during the summer, an exploration of LGBTQ+ groups in political parties, and a heartfelt discussion around the beauty of interracial relationships within the queer community. We’ve been very busy.

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