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Holes in The Whole seeks meaning and reasons for the existence of the city. It demonstrates the urgent need to expand the sphere of urban activity – to define the city not only as a territory of exploitation, but as space of human existence in its fullest dimension.

The book defines the conditions under which the city can develop as an entity without falling into the trap of arrogant self-sufficiency. It identifies the mechanisms that promote independent fragments, including people, neighbourhoods and regions, so that they are not random, unsystematic bunches, but stable (yet flexible) structures.

Dr Krzysztof Nawratek is Senior Lecturer in Humanities and Architecture Design at the Sheffield School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, UK. He was Member of Board of Experts European Prize for Urban Public Space 2012, 2014 and in 2016 and member of selection panel for the Polish contribution to the International Architecture Biennial in Venice in 2012 and in 2014. Krzysztof is an urban theorist, author of ‘City as a Political Idea’ (University of Plymouth Press 2011), ‘Holes in the Whole. Introduction to the Urban Revolutions’ (Zer0 Books 2011) and ‘Radical Inclusivity. Architecture and Urbanism’ (ed. dpr-Barcelona 2015). Krzysztof main research interest lays in urban theory in the context of post-secular philosophy, evolution of (post)socialist cities, crisis of the contemporary neoliberal city model and urban re-industrialisation.

Published by Zer0 Books

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