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Interview is an American magazine founded in late 1969 by artist Andy Warhol and British journalist John Wilcock. The magazine, nicknamed “The Crystal Ball of Pop”, features interviews with celebrities, artists, musicians, and creative thinkers.

In the new issue, the first in Interview’s history made entirely remotely, the elusive pop star Lana Del Rey talks to her producer Jack Antonoff about her upcoming album, going country, and the end of the world. Elsewhere in the issue, fashion industry oracle Bethann Hardison tells Zendaya why her fight for diversity is far from over, and movie-star-in-the-making Antony Ramos and his A Star Is Born director Bradley Cooper dissect the fallacy of stardom. Ahead of the release of his latest novel Inside Story, Martin Amis sits down with his friend Salman Rushdie to reflect on the friends they lost and the literary movement to which they belonged, and feminist icon Gloria Steinem answers a bunch of questions from some of her famous friends and admirers. All that, and so much more.

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