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Established in 2005, Little White Lies was at the vanguard of the new generation of indie magazines and is still as overflowing with love for movies as ever.

Little White Lies Issue 85 brings together two of life’s foremost pleasures. The issue produced under lockdown conditions is dedicated to the intersections between the worlds of food and the worlds of film.

This issue is a celebration of how food is depicted on screen, how food can be used as a storytelling device in narrative cinema, it’s about cookbooks written by movie folk, and the eating habits of movie folk, and how food is prepared, photographed and served on movie sets, and of course, an answer to that eternal question: why does Brad Pitt spend so much time eating in his movies? It’s a way for readers to experience the vicarious pleasures of a hearty meal with friends, but also a look at how one of the most popular art forms of the modern age deals with a ritual that is vital to existence, but is so often taken for granted.

100 pages, 20 x 24.5 cm

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