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“Multispecies Resistance: A Cartography of Love and Disaster” is a visual and ecopolitical mapping project that aims to inspire you, an inhabitant of Europe, to explore your home and appreciate your own nonhuman neighbors and territories.

By engaging with the lines and colors on this map, you engage with creatures, geographical features, ecosystems, and natural borders that exceed geopolitical frontiers. The design symbolizes the richness of a continent that is too often assumed to be destroyed or no longer majestically wild.

This map is neither neutral nor objective. It does not aim for a precise geographic representation or a full list of native species, but rather an artistic and political cartography of a more-than-human community called Europe, highly affected by catastrophic anthropogenic disturbances. Beyond and despite disaster, we love our damaged territories, and our multiple co-inhabitants. We want to share this vision with you. A deep ecology view, where each being has a value not measured by its “environmental service” but by itself, by solely existing. We believe that acknowledging this love evokes care and drives people to action and protection. We care, and because we care, we act.


Please note that this is a folded printed map — size A1 (59.4 x 84.1 cm)


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