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MUNDIAL is a football lifestyle magazine and creative agency that understands the game’s culture like no one else. From the grandest stages to the smallest moments, we remind you why you love football. For the past five years, MUNDIAL has pushed itself with each magazine to produce something better than what went before it. That always means arguments, sleepless nights, and evolution.

With Issue 21, we’ve pushed harder than ever before. We’re looking at this as a coming-of-age, and we’re looking forward to you getting stuck in. For our cover feature we’ve decided to really go off on one:

Football’s always evolving, but the start of a new decade felt like something to really get our teeth into. So, we’ve produced a 46-page piece of work that explores the 186 things that excite, terrify, and baffle us about football today, tomorrow, and maybe never. Eye-watering infographics, enlightening stats, big numbers, insightful interviews, algorithms, illustrations, photos, and words, loads of words…

It’s something we think will make your head nod in agreement, shake in disagreement, and maybe even spin with excitement.

It’s our 2020 vision. And now it’s yours, too.

From the new stadiums to the new kings, from biofeedback PlayStation controllers to apps that’ll change your kickabout forever, from innovative young managers to the next non-league wonders, from international competition carnage around the world to the grassroots revolution happening on your doorstep, from the global academies changing the game to the e-sports revolution… we’ve spoken to experts, scouts, journalists, fans, lecturers, broadcasters—and everyone else in between—to bring you the most rounded view of the game as it is now, and as it’s going to be in the future.

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