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NXS #5 Virtual Vertigo examines the challenges posed to the self by the digital extension of reality and its murky underbelly. Distractedly chatting over FaceTime while its Attention Correction function redirects your eyes’ focus to the camera, to talking on the phone with eerily human-sounding virtual assistants, or watching deep fake videos with convincingly-crafted celebrity simulations presenting us invented statements, are digitally-mediated interactions that undermine our trust in our senses to access reality. The manifold network of contributors investigates questions such as: What emotional responses might a computer-communicated reality precipitate? How is user behaviour influenced upon returning to the physical world from those layers of lifelike experience? Which ethical pillars should be kept high? And are we able to restore our understanding of the structure of reality or adopt a new form that can resist manipulation?

60 pages, 38 x 15 cm

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