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We spent the last 4 issues gearing up for Issue 17. This whole season was about exploring how our followers accepted all the genres of art we wanted to showcase. It’s the most perfect collection of everything we love. Still with the same ethos of presenting works of the well known or the unknown, in the same light. With light at the end of the 2020 tunnel almost in sight, people have been reevaluating their lives and specifically the concept of time and time they’ve lost. ‘Too Fast For Love’ is our title for this collection. We haven’t all been able to explore the things we love. Work, gigs, relationships, creating, hanging out with friends, going away on trips. Despite mostly being on lock down, time has still managed to move too fast. When we emerge on the other side, we will look at everything, including the mundane, in a very different way.

Our cover story is a thing of beauty. A collection of photographs of Jess John shot by our own, Matthew Comer, we’ve been sat on for a long time. We were waiting for the perfect artist to collaborate with. In comes Courtney Mc in slow mo through fire and brimstone. Her only instruction was, do whatever you want. Her unique style is impossible to ignore. With the biggest feature in the magazine as well as a double foldout cover, she’s clearly the rock star of this show!

We have some new team members join our group of misfits. LA based Sarah Pardini, who you may remember shot our last cover story, has come on board and instantly smashes three of the best stories in this mag. Manchester based creative duo Eleanore Chetcuti and Sian Nuttall present their first story with us and hit a home run with local lass and musician, Charlotte OC.

We interview some of the most influential people on the block right now. Talk Art is the world’s leading art podcast. Presented by Russell Tovey and Robert Diament, we join forces with them to talk art with Yinka Ilori in London. We talk with Sara Frazetta and how she’s keeping the dark arts of her Grandfather Frank Frazetta, well and truly alive. Rahm Carrington tells us about his project documenting the infamous, lawless town of Slab City.

We jump feet first into our homie Nadz Banaag’s take on youth culture and pushed candid photography, the grunge edge of Mara Weinstein, the bold colours and provocative nature of Nicoline Aagesen aka @mycameramyrules, and the cinematographic mind blowing stills of Theo Gosslin.

Our gallery, Maze present some killer artists. Incredible dot work from Dimitri LikissasTony Roos has some of the boldest brightest pages in the magazine with his take on the female form, and Jonathon Ouisse shows us some hyperreal surrealism paintings inspired by Italian Renaissance.

If all that wasn’t enough, there’s another 30+ stories including a self shot series by the skaters and people that hang at Hackney BumpsEartheater hits the beaches of New York in the only way we’d expect. Pip brings us insane imagery that could have been torn straight from art work of The Streets, Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) tells us how saving Manchester’s key live music venues & launching a nostalgic vibe TV show in ‘Gorilla TV’ will counter the covid attack on the hospitality industry, and friend / babe Antonina Kosior aka Nrata shows us how she’s planning on being the new Emrata.

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