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Para Journal – Notes besides the Point is out with its first issue. More than 30 artists and writers based in 15 different cities, in 11 countries on 3,5 continents, from CDMX to Tblisi and from Dar es Salam to Glasgow have contributed with texts, drawings, thoughts and (counter-) fantasies around the topic of “Getting Lost”.

Lost in cables, lost in gadgets, technology and devices, lost in thoughts and memories, on outings, in images. Complexity and abundance (of things, options, hazards) allow for myriad ways to err and lose track, in often annoying, sometimes dangerous ways. Proximity – be it corporeal or virtual – puts us in constant touch with others, only to lose it with ourselves.

para: the programme is in the name, so some etymology for starters: “alongside, beyond; altered; contrary; irregular, beside, near, against”. Good, isn’t it? para: forms part of “apparatus – a collection of tools”. And also of (Swiss) German “parat – prepared, ready”. We think, feel, write, create, view, do nothing to be prepared, for our time, its tasks and wonders. We assemble this/us for these ends (and others). para is a kind of spirit, spiritedness, an ethos. Come along (forward, against)! Ah yes: para is para journal and appeares irregularly in print but hopefully twice a year. Published by para press (in formation). Made by Luka Ivanović, Rowan Tara de Freitas and Timon Mürer.

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