Popa Tatu 20, Bucharest

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For many of us, thinking about where we come from can have a bitter-sweet undertone. In recent months this is couple with an uncertainty of what comes next as we are confronted with rethinking different ways of belonging together. This issue looks at the relationship between roots and routes as well as domestic and exiled homes. Examined through a lens of memory and language we asked ourselves and contributors: ARE WE HOME?

Together with Julian Sellmeister, better known as rapper Yung Hurn, and the legendary Juergen Teller we retreated to Julian grandparents’ homes near Austrian-Hungarian border — unapologetically capturing the intimacy between two extremely different generations.

Via a deeply personal reflection, architect Oana Stănescu brings into focus a universally human mechanism — the breath. Based entirely on her memory she re-examines this vital process that often gets neglected by today’s extrovert culture.

With Nona Inescu, Francesca Gavin, Marco Bruzzone, Hana Miletic, Katalin Ladik, Ena Sendrijarevic, Milos Trakilovic.

28 × 21 cm, 240 pages