Popa Soare 40


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A new publication devoted to contemporary imagery of fashion, art and everyday life.

At the beginning of Tide, there is a shared passion for Images. Every publication is a field of experimentations. Ours has the desire to show the work of a new generation of talents: photographers, video makers, visual artists, or sound designers in whom we believe. It was necessary for us to anchor this creation in the present, so that it could be a means to question various issues, be they social, environmental or related to the fashion and luxury industry. Hoping, always, to shift the lines. A bi-annual publication, with each issue built around two notions that are opposed, yet complementary. A duality ever present, like tidal movements in the sea. For this first issue, we chose Discretion and Curiosity, a theme that allows us to explore a captivating dimension of our modern age.

​images: camille pogu, celine bischoff, charly gosp, cyril laine, diane dal-pra, juliette alleaume, marine armandin, marine giraudo, mihai rotaru & cristiana malcica, mounir ayache, olivier kervern, samuel bloch, yumiko hikage.

words: alexandre belanger & amandine flamand, giulia mensitieri, luc vinogradoff, nicolas denis, pauline malier, victor ludis.

82 pages, 23 x 32 cm

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