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TO THINK is a magazine that explores thoughts and conversation on visual culture.

Each issue of TO THINK asks just one question and aims to see what happens when we place deep thinkers together by raising debate around questions we are constantly faced with; and by doing so deliberately force new collisions and contrasts that allow us to see thinking in new ways.

“Time to think has become the ultimate luxury.”
How do we think forever in a world running out of time?


In an economy characterised by linear short terms, people are crying out for a radically different vision of the future. We live in an age where doomsday predictions aren’t hyperbolic — they are stark reality.

We appear to be at a new crossroads in our lives both as private citizens and as a society as a whole. The choices we face, or simply now accept, will be profound. They speak to who we are as people and who we are as a society. They will profoundly affect everything we love and everything we do.

Finding radically new and elevated responses to these challenges — and critically engaging people in the right way to these topics is the most pressing task of our age. There is nothing bigger or more unfathomably urgent.

So where is change coming from and how will it be met? Who will it be led by? How will it be communicated? Why will it matter?

In our second issue of TO THINK we bring together deep thinkers renowned for being unafraid to make real the future they imagine. Our mix of conversationalists all have one thing in common: a belief that if we care for the future and can envision a better one, it will better dictate the present and our decisions here and now.

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