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In 2030 America is broke. When NASA is forced to raffle off a trip to outer space and the orbiting Houston Astrodome, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, the ticket is won by a guy from Cleveland who is so fat he can’t make it out of his own house, let alone get crammed in a rocket ship. Instead, he auctions the ticket off, and the winning bid belongs to the patriarch of the Van Kruup family, an American dynasty founded on coal, railroads, and masturbation (not necessarily in that order). But when they lose their inter-generation fortune in the Great Funk Crash, Stanely Van Kruup, sole heir to the Van Kruup fortune, is evicted from the ten thousand acre estate in rural Pennsylvania he has left only once since birth and must search for his (presumed dead) older brother in an attempt to restore his inheritance.

Too Fat to go to the Moon is Zero Books’ latest foray into avant-garde fiction.

Published by zer0 books

Rob McCleary has written television and his fiction has been featured in numerous journals and anthologies. His short fiction “Nixon In Space” was featured in the Brooklyn Journal “Recommended Reading“, as selected by Jonathan Lethem.

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