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“The people who run our great institutions do not want trouble. They fear controversy. They lack faith in the intelligence of their audience. And they realize that to remind museum-goers of white supremacy today is not only to speak to them about the past, or events somewhere else. It is also to raise uncomfortable questions about museums themselves – about their class and racial foundations. For this reason, perhaps, those who run the museums feel the ground giving way beneath their feet. If they feel that in four years, ‘all this will blow over,’ they are mistaken. The tremors shaking us all will never end until justice and equity are installed. Hiding away images of the KKK will not serve that end. Quite the opposite.”

Open Letter: On Philip Guston Now
Barry Schwabsky

Judith Tucker and Graham Crowley in conversation
Tom McGlynn talks to Stanley Whitney
Hannah Murgatroyd Writes
A Nameless Kind of Painting: Matt Lippiatt asks questions Domenico Tiepolo by Charles Williams
Sabine Brand Scheffel talks to Gundula Bleckmann
John Dunkley’s Visionary Modern Art
Nick Fudge and Gary Hume
Hermits in Art History by Simon Willems
Judith Bernstein by Gina Birch
Simon Bill and Phil King discuss Antonin Artaud

80 pages, 27 × 21 cm, Softcover

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