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In this follow-up to the first volume of Everyday Analysis articles, Why are Animals Funny?, the EDA Collective tracks through an ABC of modern phenomena ordered by analytic theme, widely ranging from Advertising to Language, Sport to Education, Film and TV to Work and Play, and Politics to Comic Universes. Punctuating these phenomenal pieces are illustrations from a range of artists and cartoonists, including Martin Rowson of the London Guardian.

Published by zer0 books

Everyday Analysis (for which they use the author name EDA Collective) is a group of writers, mostly in Manchester, in the UK, who have been posting short articles on everyday events, phenomena, affairs, popular and avant garde culture, and anything else, online at http://everydayanalysis.tumblr.com/, and have begun to amass quite a following in the blogosphere, in a relatively short time. Their work has been shared by various outlets over the internet, from Verso Books to the poet, Sam Riviere, with certain articles also appearing in our weekly column in the UK’s biggest University newspaper, The Mancunion.

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