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Twin is a hardback biannual magazine which showcases disobedient, rebellious and visionary creative voices through art and cultural features. These are published alongside freshly commissioned fashion photography from the likes of Ben Weller, Cass Bird, Stef Mitchell and Boo George, featuring models such as Freja Beha Erichsen, Dree Hemingway, Hanne Gaby and Christina Kruse.

Fiercely independent since it was launched in 2009, Twin is a not for profit endeavour founded and headed up by ex-Lula magazine creative director Becky Smith, produced through collaboration with a passionate team of international editors including art editor Francesca Gavin, features director India Doyle, fashion editor Naomi Miller and contributing editor Isabella Davey.

Issue 23

2020 hasn’t given us much to laugh about, but it has changed our experience of time and space. This year we’ve slowed down, ground to a halt, accelerated, activated, organised, experienced deep grief and pure joy all at once, sometimes at the same time. With a global pandemic keeping most people at home, we invited contributors to explore their surroundings, to work with what they had around them.

The result is Twin’s personal issue, and we’re honoured and excited to have been able to create such a rich, intimate, thought provoking magazine at this genuinely strange and largely unprecedented time (remember when that wasn’t the opening line to every single email…?) thanks to the independent, dynamic spirit of our contributors.

At 26 years old, Dilone is one of the leading models in fashion, and wields her influence powerfully. Our cover star model and activist explores the power of protest and community in an interview with Jordan Anderson. The brilliant Leah Thomas, founder of the Intersectional Environmentalism movement, drills into systemic racism within environmentalism. She explains why activism needs work across social justice and sustainability in order to make impactful change, with portraits by Nolwen Cifuentes. And in ‘Words and Pictures’ photographer Jermaine Francis and director Akinola Davies discuss Francis’ portraits of graffiti that were taken during lockdown in London and how they embody our political reality.

2020 is a time to celebrate radical visionaries, so in this issue you’ll also find a rare interview with the iconic Californian pioneer of performance and print, Barbara T. Smith. Kate Neave profiles the inspirational installations of Dominique White. Also, Jess Clark talks to Byredo founder Ben Gorham and beauty maverick and artist IsamayaFfrench about future colour theory. Photographer Sharif Hamza captures moments of fleeting beauty, style icon TziporahSalamon, captured by Ben Rayner, offers a love letter to New York post- lockdown. At home, Lara Johnson-Wheeler delivers a love letter to romance and recipes, while in ‘Subversive Skin’, Isabella Davey profiles the new designers changing underwear.

And so much more! As winter looms, get up close & personal with this latest issue; be inspired and energised to face this brave new world we’re in.

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