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“In a world full of princesses, polished pictures, Barbies, and lots of filters, where women look like they’ve just come back from a fashion show when they take a walk, it becomes easier to think that something is not okay with you.

Because society expects you to be in a certain way. To look based on a beauty standard. To wear make-up, but not too much. To dress sexy, but not for yourself. To have sex, but not allow yourself to enjoy it. They call you names and put tags on you like there’s some sort of game you’re losing at going on. Weird, ugly, attention whore, prude, slut. If you’re too feminine, you’re an easy target. But, on the other side, if you’re too masculine, you are not what they tell it is a “true woman”.”

Introducing the latest issue of UNLETTERED season 4, a self-published magazine by Bianca Mocan, dedicated to all tomboys and their search for self-acceptance.

Published: 2021
Size: 21×30 cm
Number of pages: 36
Limited to: 30 copies

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