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– Source of inspiration for diverse art practices, arts education and creativity by asking inspiring frameworks and questions
– Stimulates collaboration, creativity and interdisciplinary thinking and experimentation
– Funny, crazy, cheeky, unruly, exciting, poetic, cool; the large bandwidth of this book offers many starting points for art lessons and perspectives for one’s own art practice

Wicked Arts Assignments are daring, unusual, out-of-the-way, funny, poetic, inspiring, socially engaged or otherwise challenging art assignments. Everyone who teaches art knows them: such an assignment that is apparently simple, but which challenges participants, students and pupils to the maximum. Many artists, musicians, theater makers, dancers and art teachers have that one favorite, often used assignment in which everything comes together: artistic vision, pedagogical approach and love for certain techniques or methods.

The nearly 100 art commissions collected here are related to visual art, performance, theater, music, dance and design, but more importantly: they stimulate interdisciplinarity. They reflect themes, methods and concepts from the contemporary arts and offer opportunities to think differently about ourselves, art and the world.

The first part of this book provides an insight into art commissions from historical, artistic and educational perspectives, supplemented by interviews with experts in contemporary art and education. The second part is the collection of art commissions in question, accompanied by an explanation and original images. The assignments can be carried out in different contexts: from primary schools to higher education, from home to the (online) community and from Bogotá to Istanbul. They are intended to spark the imaginations of both teachers and students and spur new, urgent educational and artistic practices.

304 pages, 15 x 22 cm, paperback, English

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