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Wild Figs is a four piece photo zine inspired by the life outdoors in Sierra de Guara and beyond.

The first number is focused on the sights and leisures around Rodellar, an old village now a jewel amongst its neighbours in the Sierra due to its easy access to a great mix of community, sport and nature. It aims at uncovering this variety to those who only come here with one thing in mind and stimulate more interest and respect for all the beauty around.

All photography is shot on a compact, analog Olympus Trip camera on 35mm films, both color and black and white.
The next three pieces will be monographic in style, exploring in more detail the canyons, the villages and the people.

*Caution: Nostalgia inducing magazine. Not for the faint hearted.

Photography & Graphic Design: Irina Tanase

Self published, Soft cover, 108 pages, 20 x 15 cm

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