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Worms is a biannual literary style magazine that celebrates female and non-binary writer culture.

Founded in 2019 by Clem Macleod during her degree at Central Saint Martins, Worms began with a mad, spiralling obsession with the late Kathy Acker. With a little bit of digging, Worms #1 (The Inaugural Issue) brought the female writers exploring identity politics to the topsoil – Chris Kraus, Natasha Stagg, Stephanie LaCava and Fiona Alison Duncan among them.


The ‘biomythography’ issue looks at personal myth-making and the stories that shape us.

Featuring Michelle Tea, Moyra Davey, Lynne Tillman, Johanna Hedva, Jenny Hval, Ellen van Neervan, Caroline Calloway, Julie Enszerl and more.

92 pages, 27 × 18 cm, Softcover

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