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Psychotherapist Eliot Rosenstock proposes a philosophical foundation for mental health treatment based on the writings and ideas of Slavoj Zizek. Zizek in the Clinic examines the state of the psychotherapy profession, capital motivated reductionist treatment modalities and a philosophy of liberation for the therapeutic subject.

With the acceleration of technological advancement reminiscent of the machine gun’s implementation in World War One, the contemporary subject can be benefited by a working knowledge of their own psyche so as not to be pulled in the direction of anything that provides comfort and vague entertainment. Zizek’s analysis and application of Lacanian theory is a necessary component in the psychoanalytic fight for our own minds and our will to shape our own future in the deterritorialized hellscape of modern technocapital.

Civilization has never known discontents like the ones currently wrought. This is not to say, Civilization is more brutal than it has ever been. Civilization is however, at a certain tipping point regarding technological information flow and the expansion of capital: a future demanding illusion. The answer isn’t a collapse of all ideology which we use to function in our day to day lives, but a clinical Zizekian lens.

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